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Selling your co-op apartment in Manhattan can be a challenge without the right team at your side. Local real estate broker, William Bolls is the guide you need for a successful sale.

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New York City is full of so many amazing co-op apartments that it can be hard to know where to start when you are ready to sell. It doesn’t have to be a challenge when you have a dedicated and full-service real estate professional to walk you through everything. William Bolls and his team from the Corcoran Group, will alleviate any stress about selling your co-op in Manhattan. Highlighting all of your home’s features and the advantages of living in a co-op, William ensures your home stands out in the market. For more information, fill out our form or get in touch with William Bolls directly at (212) 405-1468 or  


Co-op apartments are a unique and popular style of living in New York City. Differing from condos and townhouses, housing cooperatives are a joint type of property ownership among apartment building residents. The building and its residents are considered a corporation that you buy into as a shareholder. Investing in a co-op means that you don’t actually own the deed to a specific property, but you own a percentage of the buildings shares. The amount of shares you are invested in is attributed to the size of the apartment space that will become your proprietary lease. Shareholders elect a co-op board among themselves to oversee the management of the building. To purchase into a co-op, potential buyers must undergo a strict board review process that examines their financial history and personal qualities.


People enjoy many advantages when living in a co-op building in New York City. Co-op apartments in Manhattan are more affordable than condos of comparable sizes and the closing costs are lower. Monthly maintenance fees are combined with property taxes because as a shareholder, you do not have to pay the building taxes directly. This housing style also has a strong community foundation and lets shareholders agree on the building’s standards such as management and residential rules. People prefer buildings that are owner-occupied so restrictions such as rental prohibition is viewed as an advantage. The approval process works to safeguard the financial stability of the building with owners that are looking to set down more permanent roots. The ability to vet and choose applicants ensures a friendly and agreeable environment on terms that work for everyone.


With about 75% of New York City apartments being co-ops, there is a wide variety to choose from. The Upper West Side is one of the best locations for upscale co-op living. Between 59th and 110th street, this ideal neighborhood has plenty to offer with stunning architectural features, breathtaking views, and the most modern amenities. For a full service co-op overlooking the Hudson River, 411 West End is a great example of what the Upper West Side offers. It is established in one of the finest Art Deco buildings and is in close proximity to shopping, cultural attractions, and Riverside Park. A famous co-op bordering Central Park that is highly sought after is the Dakota. This iconic building kept its original 1884 character while having been fully renovated with apartments ranging up to ten rooms. The San Remo is another prestigious co-op next to Central Park that has enormous rooms, ultramodern amenities, and lavish finishes.


Most New Yorkers are familiar with co-op apartments as they are a common type of residency in the city. With a lot of competition on the market and board members to appease, it is essential to have an experienced real estate broker when you are ready to sell your co-op. As an expert in the profession and a local resident, William Bolls prioritizes your experience and will make sure your co-op stands out in the market. Walking you through every phase of the process, from staging and listing your property all the way to the closing table, he is dedicated to the successful sale of your home. William is a leader in sales in the Upper West Side’s high-end real estate market and he is committed to outstanding customer service. Connect with William from the Corcoran Group today to get started listing your property at (212) 405-1468 or  

"William Bolls is the best!! My husband and I worked with him on our recent purchase of a co-op in Manhattan. He's smart, super knowledgeable and gives great, thoughtful guidance. We strongly recommend William to everyone!"

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“We highly recommend William. His experience with the New York City real estate market was clearly evident throughout the sale of our apartment, including setting the right sale price, finding the buyer quickly, and making the entire process seamless. William surpassed our expectations by independently staging our apartment to show its full potential.”

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