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What Is The Difference Between An Appraisal And Comparative Market Analysis?

If you’re going through a divorce, you’ve likely found that the division of property can be one of the most challenging aspects. Matrimonial lawyers and real estate agents can be of great assistance to you when you need to have your property valued. In this video, Mia Poppe, Esq. and William Bolls break down the differences between a property appraisal and a comparative market analysis. Both of these methods of valuing a home are important, but use different data to come up with a number. Here, we explain what factors each type of valuation use and why they matter during the division of assets.

Are You A Coop Or A Condo?

The two most common types of home ownership in New York City are co-ops and condos but how can you determine which is a better choice for your real estate goals?  In this video, Kyle and William dive into the specific differences between co-ops and condos and what you should consider before deciding on one or the other for your home. Both have their advantages, but ultimately the decision rests on what kind of needs you have as a resident.  Co-ops tend to have a more neighborly atmosphere due to a much deeper vetting process for residents, and you’ll generally find yourself getting more bang for your buck – meaning 20% more apartment for your money. When buying a condo, you are getting a deed to your property much like you would if you purchased a home outside of the city. Features can include floor-to-ceiling windows, a gym, a pool, as well as additional amenities you might not expect in a co-op.

The Meaning Of “Live Who You Are”

Mia Poppe, Esq. once again joins William Bolls to discuss what “Live Who You Are” means to them in their different job roles. This is a great and important motto to use, especially if you’re experiencing a divorce, stressed out, and need the professionals that you’re working with to really work for your benefit. What does it mean to be there for your client? How does the concept of authenticity fit into your real estate buying or selling process? We’re here to explain how we work to help you every step of the way.

The Geographic Implications of Co-Parenting in NYC

When you have to navigate a potentially unpleasant divorce, especially when there are children involved, things can get tricky. No parent wants to disrupt their child’s life, from their school to their friends to their daily routine, by moving further away away. Here, William Bolls discusses one family he successfully assisted through this process, to prevent their child from having their life upended and keep the situation as low-stress as it could be. It’s entirely doable to maintain a normal routine even after one parent moves out, and Mia Poppe, Esq. and William Bolls are both here to help you get through that time in the most seamless way possible.

Life After Divorce: The Trend of Moving To The Upper West Side

Why are so many recently divorced parents moving to the Upper West Side? In an effort to refresh and restart their lives, the Upper West Side has become a magnet for not just nuclear families, but also single parents. It offers amazing schools, parks, museums, restaurants, and more. It’s no secret that the Upper West Side offers an expansive amount of options for parents, both recreationally and real estate-wise, and William Bolls has some opinions on why it’s become such a hotspot lately. Being an Upper West Sider himself, he has the inside scoop on the neighborhood, and offers some likely reasons for this trend.

"William Bolls is THE broker you want when buying and selling in Manhattan"

"William Bolls is THE broker you want when buying and selling in Manhattan. He is a wealth of knowledge and really takes the time to make sure you understand the process and are getting exactly what you want. I can't recommend him highly enough, and send him to anyone I know looking to buy and sell, especially the UWS."

Sarah S.

"Your counsel, persistence and attention to detail were critical to a successful outcome"

"From the original listing to the sale of my apartment, I realize the extent to which your counsel, persistence, and attention to detail were critical to a successful outcome. You are obviously skilled in financial negotiations, for which I am grateful."

Roberta V.

"“I can't imagine purchasing a property in New York City without William"

“I can't imagine purchasing a property in New York City without William. As an out-of-town buyer, we faced additional challenges when we decided to buy an apartment in the city. As cliched as it sounds, William truly made us feel like his only clients. It's not a simple process and we required a decent amount of hand-holding. He was there for us every step of the way, even anticipating a lot of our concerns. One of the most valuable characteristics of a good agent is responsiveness. Any time we contacted William--and it was often--he responded quickly and completely. William will definitely be our agent on future transactions.”

Tim M.

"The market was tough, but William stuck with it and brought it home"

“I worked with William over a lengthy period, trying to sell a lobby level doctor's office in a residential co-op building on the upper west side. The market was tough, but William stuck with it and brought it home. He showed patience and was always straightforward, honest and friendly throughout the process. Definitely 5 star.”

Matt R.

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