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Summer 2018 Market Report & Health and Environmental Concerns When Microwaving Food

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13 Things You Should Never Put In A Microwave

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: So, let’s start off with a, um, a little topic, this is something I picked up from Um, “Thirteen Surprising Things That You Should Never Put in the Microwave.” So I figure it’s home, it sorta ties in with like, real estate agents, so um, and some of these are kinda fun and funny. So number one is recycled products, so it says some eco-friendly products from paper towels to wax–oh, who uses wax paper?–um, uh, and anyway, they contain little flecks of metal, so you’re not supposed to put recycled paper things and, um, and things like that in the microwave. Which I actually didn’t know, so there you go! Um, number two, plastic containers. So, uh, you’ve probably probably you’ve heard this before, so many plastic containers contain bisphenol A, or BPA, I’ve heard of BPA and it’s an industrial chemical that has been linked to cancer, brain problems, terrible things. So I guess that’s something about the plastic inside of the microwave is not good for you, which I feel like people put plastic all the time in microwaves, but anyway. So basically you want to make sure that your plastic is microwave-safe. Styrofoam, I think we know this, but who uses styrofoam today anyway, um, but I think styrofoam somehow does something bad in there. Here’s one good: eggs! Did you know you’re not supposed to put eggs in there? Did you have any idea? Um, an egg’s hard shell makes it a bad match for your microwave. Pressure can build up inside the shell and explode. [laughs] So this of course is gonna make some people put eggs in the microwave, but um, anyway it says that, uh, don’t even think about reheating an already-hard-boiled egg! Not only could it explode potentially, potentially after you remove it from the oven and decide to peel it, um, the explosion could make a sound of 86-133 decibels, which could, like, damage your hearing! [laughs] So, alright, no eggs in the microwave.


[WILLIAM BOLLS]: Right?! Have you ever heard this?


[WILLIAM BOLLS]: This is a real article. Um, okay here we go. Number five: Chinese takeout. Um, it’s really the paper pail you bought it in at home because it, um, you know the old-school chinese-takeout things have the metal handles, so I think people understand that, that you don’t put metal in a microwave. Thick liquids, dense food items like tomato sauce and oatmeal will form large bubbles as they boil, while that’s not the end of the world the cleanup um, the cleanup you need to do afterwards could feel like the end of the world. So that’s just like a mess. You technically could put thick liquids in there, but you don’t want to clean it up. Um, grapes, number seven.

[SAM HOFFMAN]: Grapes. Wait, why grapes?

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: Well, well can I tell you, It’s funny you say that ‘cause it says, “it’s unclear why anyone would want to nuke grapes or raisins, but either way, don’t. They emit plasma when microwaved, which can cause them to smoke and explode. [laughs] So..

[SAM HOFFMAN]: Not to change topics, but with grapes, you know what a cool, fun, amazing treat is? Get a bag of grapes, throw ‘em in the freezer.

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: Frozen grapes.

[SAM HOFFMAN]: Grapes, frozen grapes, cause they don’t get like rock hard; they get hard but like you can still put ‘em in your mouth, incredible. It’s a hidden secret.

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: It’s a little funny slushie-thing.

[SAM HOFFMAN]: It’s really good.

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: Alright! Um, travel mugs! Many travel mugs are made from stainless steel, so we know that, once again, don’t put metal in microwaves. Apples and pears: Like eggs’ tight skin structure, a lot of moisture is held under the skin of apples and pears; heat them whole in your microwave and you’ll have a fruity explosion. [chuckles] Alright we’re rolling, number ten: Potatoes! Although they don’t have a shell and their skin is soft enough to peel, potatoes can still explode if you try to pop them in the microwave. Now, I have seen people microwave baked potatoes, so that’s a little confusing to me.

[SAM HOFFMAN]: Wait, what did you say?

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: Well they’re saying “don’t put potatoes in”, and I feel like I’ve seen–

[SAM HOFFMAN]: I, so, I make potatoes almost twice a week, sweet potatoes in particular, always–

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: And you microwave them.

[SAM HOFFMAN]: And well I, I wash them, they’re still moist and still wet, I wrap them in one sheet of paper towel, and then I put them, I lay them in the microwave, I microwave them for about 10-12 minutes, and then I put them in the oven to finish.

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: Do you pierce them?

[SAM HOFFMAN]: I do. I do.

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: Then well I think the point of this number ten–

[SAM HOFFMAN]: I take a knife a few times.

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: I think the point of this number ten is that you have to pierce the skin, um, okay. Number eleven: carrots! Some carrots, some veggies such as carrots gobble up an impressive amount of minerals while they’re grown. It makes them nutritious; it also makes them excellent conductors of electricity, and prone to catch on fire. So I guess carrots would, I guess.. these I feel would, people are probably gonna try some of these things. I guess carrots can catch on fire, interesting.. green peppers, kale, and green beans are also at risk. Okay. Um, tightly closed dishes, um, I think we probably know that too, it needs, it’s gotta be loose or the thing could pop off and cause an explosion.

[SAM HOFFMAN]: Just make sure it says, like, “microwavable”.

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: Microwavable, fresh. Alright I only got one more! Number… number thirteen, is “nothing”, so don’t put nothing in the microwave. Um, it says, “We’ve all turned on the microwave’s cook function when we meant to turn on the timer, but this simple mistake has big consequences. Be wary of turning on the microwave, beware of turning it on with nothing in it. If there’s nothing to absorb the microwaves, they’re absorbed by the actual appliance, which can cause it to combust. [laughs]


[WILLIAM BOLLS]: This whole article is about things blowing up! Whether it’s things in the microwave..

[SAM HOFFMAN]: Every time you say that, I’m sorry, my mind goes to Steven Seagal, or something like that, back in the day when they were like, you know, they put weird stuff in the microwave and it made like a “BOOM”.

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: God. It’s, it’s crazy. Um, anyway, uh, that’s my, that’s my tip today, Sam, the uh, that’s my topic. What else is going on today?

[SAM HOFFMAN]: Uh so for those of you out there celebrating, Happy New Year. I think we’d like to say “Shanah Tovah” to the Jewish viewers.

The Summer 2018 Real Estate Report

[SAM HOFFMAN]: So tell us about what’s, what’s going on here in real estate. Summer’s over, I know the Jewish holidays kind of like, slowed things down in the city, which is crazy but they do.

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: Well so an, an interesting stat that came out, so Compass came out with their monthly numbers yesterday. One of the, one of the things that was buried a little bit, to me it’s a headline cause we saw a lot of co-ops, and co-op inventory, so it’s basically always month-by-month, right? So August 2018 co-op inventory has not been higher since August 2012, so um, it’s like at a six-year height of inventory if you compare August to August. So I would assume that that will carry over, cause actually, August is a month where people pull their apartments off the market. So, um, I think we’re in for quite a bit of inventory this fall, which is, um, which I think is good, I think it could be, um, it can continue to be a good time to be a buyer, and um.. but also I’ll tell you, um, we’re seeing offers and activity come in on properties that have been sitting for a while, so I think the buyers are out. So, yeah, I mean it’s a mixed bag, as it often is, but um, but you know, things, things are interesting in the New York City market, for sure.

[SAM HOFFMAN]: Do you believe that the Jewish holiday does slow down the market for the week?

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: They always do, they always do. Um, I actually think that they were, the way the days that the holidays fell last week didn’t really slow down stuff that much, we find that when the holidays fall on like a Friday or Saturday it really kills the weekend for open houses and activity and things like that and that didn’t happen this year. Um, I think that this week will be very quiet because um, as you mentioned, Yom Kippur starts at sundown, that is the holiest day of the year as I understand it. And that is that’s the holiday that most people participate in meaning they don’t go to work and they’re really not supposed to look at apartments.

[SAM HOFFMAN]: Not look at apartments. No, it’s crazy–I didn’t know that, I guess the really religious too, I mean.. But um, it’s crazy that only in New York does that happen. I feel like everywhere else growing up and what not, people still have work.. obviously if you’re Jewish and you do uh you do celebrate the holidays you miss work and what not, and it’s, absolutely, but things carry on, whereas I feel like certain things like the real estate market and other industries I do know in New York City it’s just very quiet, it closes, it’s quiet..

[WILLIAM BOLLS]: It’s very specific, I think, to be real estate and financial industries in the city. Those are, those are two of the industries that get quiet. All that being said, the stock market’s still open. Right? But um, you know, it definitely, it definitely affects the real estate. And I think, I think that’s a combination of population, right? Manhattan is a small island, and if you add Manhattan and Brooklyn together, um, I don’t know what the percentage of people that that are Jewish in Manhattan and Brooklyn is vs. other major metropolitan areas, but I guarantee it’s higher. And then, um, you also have a lot of licensed real estate agents and brokers that are, that um, will be observing the holidays, so it’s a combination of both.

[SAM HOFFMAN]: I think, and I’m always, and friends of mine, and back home in Houston or wherever they are in California, they’re always in shock, you know, not just holidays, but like, you know, summertime. I talk about Summer Fridays, and they’re like, “huh?”; they’ve never even heard of something like that, and I never heard of it until I moved to New York. And it’s like, okay well, especially in the real estate world. Come summertime, the office is quiet every day of the week almost. I mean, sure, there’s certain days that are busier, but there’s.. and that doesn’t mean that people aren’t out there doing stuff, they’re just not coming into the office. But you kick into fall and spring, you know, the office is booming. Uh, it’s just, you know, New York I feel has these very specified or like really just unique things that people take off, or work’s closed, or just, you know, it’s quite interesting, so um. But yes.


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